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Hi All!

General Info

Warcraft Keys is a small independent online store dedicated to creating and curating high quality peripheral accessories from Keycaps to Joycon Grips. Our store is constantly expanding with new offers, products, and price reduction so keep an eye on us!

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All contact to Warcraft Keys should be sent via This includes asking for returns, questions about shipping, products, sponsorship, etc.

Shipping Info

All our products come with free international shipping. This coincides with the best we can get for your area for free. This can range from around 6 days to 4-12 weeks depending on location and with the global pandemic ongoing, if we distribute the product ourselves. Express shipping ups this to the best possible shipping we can get for the price or above. E.G if shipping is $3.50 and the 2 shipping prices are $3 and $4, we will always bump you up to $4 free of charge.


Due to the current global situation and shipping delays we're seeing, Returns are available to be given when tracking information on a product has not updated in 10 weeks or when the product has not been successfully delivered after 12 weeks.